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Club Information

Tri-County Microd Club is for boys and girls ages 5 to 18 years old. We race 4 classes of drivers with racers from many surrounding counties in New York and Pennsylvania, even as far away as Florida. Race nights are held on most Saturdays from May through August on our 1/10th mile oval clay track. We are the only microd club to use a clay track in New York State.

Microds are powered by a one-cylinder, 4 or 6.5 horsepower, Honda motor. All motors and cars must meet our safety and tech standards to race on our track.


Safety is our top priority when it comes to letting a child drive a race-car.

The microd must have a roll cage, 5-point safety harness, kill-switch, safety net and proper guards and shields.


The driver must have a proper helmet, racing attire and wrist restraints as well as an understanding of race flags.

There are many people on race-night who are making sure all the safety elements are in play and being utilized properly, from the Pit Steward and Flaggers to those in the scoring tower.

Tri-County Microd Club is a family friendly place where we believe in having a drug and alcohol free environment.

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