The banquet is rescheduled for Sunday September 13, at 12! Fun Days to follow after plaque ceremony!

Welcome to Tri County Microd Club:

Where every kid is a Champion

Just a reminder-No Pets!

*** Please check the Club News page for any updates or information that needs to be passed on!***

We’re a  1/10  mile clay dirt oval track located in the rolling hills of south central New York, designed for Micro-Hot Rods (Microds) for children 5-18. We race Saturday nights through the summer, admission is free; all you need to come watch is your favorite lawn chair. This is a family club. We are a drug and alcohol free environment; it’s all about the kids. There is a $15.00 insurance fee for the pit area, if you decide you would like to see the cars close up.

So come on out and cheer on these great kids, there is no doubt once you see the smiles on their faces, you’ll have one too.

About the Tri County Microd Club:

        The Tri-County Microd Club was formed in 1993 with the idea to create a safe family environment to promote motor sports in our youth, ages 5-18. The club is designed with families in mind.  There are ways for everyone to participate and add value to the club. The Microds are safe and must pass a rigorous safety inspection before the children are allowed on the track. The intention is to make the cars safe yet as inexpensive as possible to allow families to participate in a low budget fun filled sport.
The family participation enhances the child’s self esteem as well as helps maintain a closer bond because everyone is involved. The club strives to teach the importance of good sportsmanship and positive attitudes. All children are winners and we work hard to enhance the child’s self-esteem.

As a club we attend as many county fairs and events as possible. The kids love being in parades and local festivals where their friends get to see them and you can see the pride in their faces when they get to show off their car. Each year we attend the Race World event, SpeedieFest , the Greene Labor Days and any other event we can. We enjoy the opportunity to help new families get started and take great satisfaction when we can get a new member on the track.

Tri-County Speedway

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