2018 Membership Forms, Club Rules, Paper Work and Stuff


 What you will need to Race in 2018

 2018-T.C.M.C Rulebook 

T.C.M.C Planbook

Flag sheets page 1

Flag sheet page 2

T.C.M.C Bylaws


TCMC Code of Conduct

2018 Driver and Membership Prices

Driver Registration Form

Membership Insurance Form (Pit Pass)

Driver Profile Form

2018 Membership Sponsor Incentive Information

2018-T.C.M.C Sponsor Packet

2018 T.C.M.C Race Schedule

Pit Parking Sheet

Just a reminder to everyone the Tri-County Microd club expectations…..

1) To live up to a high standard of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP at ALL times.

2)To be a good host-treat visitors with RESPECT.

3)To treat opponents with RESPECT!

4)To respect the judgment of officials.( This will be a big one this year. Remember, we are here for the kids. Not all decisions will be one that “you” agree with, but that is why there are officials.)

5)T0 avoid PROFANE and ABUSIVE language, and OBNOXIOUS behavior.

6)To ALWAYS set a good EXAMPLE. Let’s remember that this our children. They  follow in “our” footsteps.

7)To accept both VICTORY and DEFEAT with PRIDE and COMPASSION, never being BOASTFUL or BITTER. We need to teach our children to be happy when they win, but to also be happy  to share the win with others. These children are learning from the adults.

8)ACCEPT YOUR ROLE> Every member has many roles to play- and all are important. There are many people “stepping up” this year to help the kids, but we need all the help we can get. Everyone should play their role in their childs hobby.

9)CONTROL what you CAN control. This includes your




MENTALITY…(we ARE adults!)


We have to have rules and people have to follow these rules, or face consequences. Let’s work together for the kids!