Driver Profiles: Junior Novice

Your 2017 Junior Novice Racing Season Racers:

#01 Maddox (Emmer Duke) Hubbard  (Age 7 )

2nd year of racing

Home Town: Port Crane

Pit Crew: Daddy

Car Sponsors: Buckingham Manufacturing, BODEK, Inc

Favorite Racing Moment: “I Love ALL of it!”

Interests outside of racing: Cub scouts, lacrosse, fishing, playing outside, art

Favorite Professional driver: Bo Duke

When I grow up, I want to be: Race Car Driver

Special Thanks to: The Hibbards for all the help and showing me the world of racing.  Daddy for working on my car, and bringing me to all my races and practices.



#3 Sheldon (Monkey) Scott ( Age 5)

1st year racing

Hometown: Greene

Pit Crew: Lance Scott

Car Sponsors: Landscape Solutions

Interest outside of racing: Riding bike, gymnastics, mini golf, hiking

What I want to be when I grow up: Teacher

Special thanks to:  Mommy and Daddy “I love you”.  Brandon Seidel Landscape solutions

 #4 Reagan (Regs) Sinsabaugh  (Age 5 )

1st year of racing

Home Town: Sayre, PA

Pit Crew: Dad – Josh Sinsabaugh

Car Sponsors: Ziener Fabrications

Interests outside of racing: Softball / Soccer

Favorite Professional driver: Kevin Harvick

When I grow up, I want to be: Police Officer / EMT

Special Thanks to: Dad and Mom



 #7 Violet Frost  (Age 5 )

1st year of racing

Home Town: Whitney Point

Pit Crew: Mom and Dad

Car Sponsors: Mom and Dad

Interests outside of racing:  Gymnastics, Playing outside, School

When I grow up, I want to be: Police Officer

Special Thanks to:  Mom and Dad



 #12 Jason Valentine (Age 8 )

2nd year of racing

Home Town: Morris

Pit Crew: Dennis Valentine, Jeff Valentine, Grandparents

Car Sponsors: Matthews Ford, Quick Lane, Cooperstown NAPA

Favorite Racing Moment: “Keeping it on all 4”

Interests outside of racing: Baseball

Favorite Professional Driver: Dale Jr.

When I grow up, I want to: Fix cars

Special Thanks to:  My parents



 #16 Camdyn (Otis) Hawley (Age 7 )

3 years of racing

Home Town: Susquehanna

Pit Crew: Dad, Mom, Poppy, Nannie, Grandpa, Uncle Brian, Uncle Bob

Car Sponsors: Tri- Boro Monuments, Premier Lawncare, High Power Performance, HNT, Modern Motors

Interests outside of racing: Football, Baseball

Favorite Professional Driver: Andy Bachetti

When I grow up, I want to be: In the Army

Special Thanks to:  Mom, Dad, Nannie, Poppy, Grandma



#22 Brianna (Bee) George ( Age 5 )

1 st year racing

Hometown: Endwell

Pit Crew: Doug George and Jason Hibbard

Interest outside of racing: Four wheeling and singing

Favorite professional driver: Shawna Robinson

What I want to be when I grow up: Rock Star

Special Thanks to: Jason Hibbard, and the entire Hibbard family


 #41 Aiden (A) Lockwood  (Age 7 )

3  years of racing

Home Town: Bainbridge

Pit Crew:  Alan, Ashley, Michael, Jesse, Roger Wescott

Car Sponsors: JB Stallions, Insight Archery

Favorite Racing Moment: Winning 1st feature

Interests outside of racing: Football, Archery, video games

Favorite Professional Driver: Kurt Busch

When I grow up, I want to: Join the Navy  



#45 Caleb Tennant (Age 6)

1 year racing experience

Hometown: Greene

Pit Crew: Mike Dietrich, Nicole Dietrich, Jeremy Tennant, Becki Tennant

Car Sponsors: Matco Tools

Interest outside of racing: Playing outside, legos, video games

Favorite professional driver: Denny Hamlin

What I want to be when I grow up: Race car driver

Special Thanks to: Aunt Nikki, Uncle Mike, Grammy, Richard, Grandma, Pappa, Mommy & Daddy

 #63 Donte (Donnie) Wrench (Age 7 )

1st year of racing

Home Town: Greene

Pit Crew:  Dina Wrench,  Pops & Grammy, Troy Braman

Car Sponsors: Wrench’s Auto, Braman Contracting

Interests outside of racing: Football

Favorite Professional Driver: Joey Lagano

When I grow up, I want to be:  Fire Fighter

Special Thanks to:  Tim and Troy Braman



 #67W Zack (Wild Child) Welch  (Age 8 )

 2 years of racing

Home Town: New Berlin, NY

Pit Crew:  Dad, Mom, Uncle Davey

Car Sponsors: Ted’s Body Shop, LLC, Auto Plus, Crazy Joes, TJ’s Lawn Service, Lloyds BBQ, Tuller’s Catering, Cory Pike Racing, Welch Motorsports

Favorite Racing Moment: “Winning the championship race and winning the 1st feature of the year”

Interests outside of racing: Four wheelers, soccer, digging things

Favorite Professional Driver: Stewart Friesen

When I grow up, I want to be:  Race Car Driver or worker at Ted’s Body Shop

Special Thanks to:  Daddy, Uncle Davey, Mommy, Aunt Kelly, and Poppy



#77 Gavin (Bug) Humphrey (Age 7 )

2nd year of racing

Home Town: Whitney Point

Pit Crew:  Grandpa, Brock, Dad

Car Sponsors: Matco Tools (Ballard), Grandpa and Grandma Collingwood, Mom & Dad

Favorite Racing Moment: Playing with all my friends

Interests outside of racing: Video games, Driving Mom and Dad Nuts!

Special Thanks to:  Grandpa Collingwood, Sisters, Mom & Dad, and Great Aunt Pam, Grandpa Humphrey


#92 Kaleb (“K”) Shay ( Age 5)

1st year racing

Hometown: Whitney Point

Pit Crew: Dad (Keith Shay) and Nana (Tamara Garcia)

Car Sponsors: Aunt Jill

Interest outside of racing: 4 wheeling, working on cars, everything outside!

Favorite professional driver: #88 Dale Jr

What I want to be when I grow up: Drive like Jr

Special Thanks to: Nana, Daddy, Mommy and everyone who helps



 #95 Owen  (Big O) Harrison (Age 7)

3rd year of racing

Home Town: Port Crane

Pit Crew: Dad, Uncle David

Car Sponsors: Nu-Look Collision

Favorite Racing Moment: Winning the Championship

Interests outside of racing: Hockey, Baseball, Lacrosse

When I grow up, I want to be: A fidget spinner store owner

Special Thanks to: Uncle David and Roger for helping me.