Q. How safe are these little cars

A. We put the safety of the kids first and have very strict safety guidelines some of these include a roll cage and a five point safety belt system all drivers must wear an approved helmet and eye protection.  A full description of our safety inspection is on our rules page.

Q. How are the classes determined and what are they?

A. The classes are based on the age of the child, each class has its own rules but basically the younger the child the slower the cars are. More specific class rules are to be found in our rule book.

The classes are:

Jr. Novice 5-8

Novice 8-10

MR-1 10-13

TC Cammer 13-17

Q. How much does a car cost?

A. This is a hard question to answer but you can get into this for as little as $500 and go up from there, fortunately our rules are such that all budgets can be competitive.

The thing to consider is how long this initial cost will last, the same car can be run from 5 until the child is 18 with really only one motor change once a child moves up from Novice to MR-1.

Q. How does my family get started?

A. There are plenty of members that would love to help any new family, you can start by contacting anyone on our contacts page, or just show up and see what you think, anyone at the track will answer what they can and help you get in touch with someone who can help.

Q. Do we have to be at every race?

A. No, we don’t race for points we only race for fun. In fact we don’t race on holiday weekends because we feel family is first.